Fire Retardant and Waterproof Upholstery Fabrics

Designer Fabrics is proud of its professionalism in supplying commercial grade fabrics suitable for the Health Care, Aged Care, Hospitality and Corporate sectors , with the knowledge that designs and quality must be of the highest standard incorporating inherently fire retardant, noise reduction, fabric stability and waterproof upholstery with antimicrobial and stain resistant properties.

Our unique technical expertise, diverse product range, efficient manufacturing, and logistical edge make us one of the leading suppliers of high performance, premium quality fabrics. Our fabrics cover the lobby to the patient room, the administrative offices to the cafeteria and everywhere in between.

Our passion has always been to stand out through design excellence and constant technical innovation positioning us at the forefront of our field. We work together with acclaimed interior designers and architects in Australia and abroad to identify the best fabric solution for our clients’ needs, responding to changing industry trends and dynamics. As a result, our fabrics reflect the next generation of solutions.

We developed "Centurion ®" , our proprietary waterproof upholstery fabric, made out of highly durable, inherently fire retardant yarn with antimicrobial and stain resistant properties for high performance use.

Our products are woven using modern techniques and are all produced in Australia using higher grade, inherently fire retardant yarn, free of heavy metals. We continue to offer our clients the finest fabrics that use the best modern manufacturing techniques.

Service and Quality

From the minute you send us an email, pick up the phone or meet one of our representatives we want your experience to be exceptional. Our aim is to secure all clients as life time customers and our team is committed to working with you to meet your changing needs and swiftly and to fairly resolving any issues that may arise.

We manufacture customised products of the highest quality for uncompromising performance. As a specialist commercial fabric supplier we are critically aware of the technical specifications that must be met in order to deliver an exceptional final product and we partner with selected mills that use modern techniques, yarns, colours and processes.

Once on our inspection table the fabric is meticulously checked before being despatched to our customers.

Manufacturing and Environment

We oversee every step in our woven designs from the initial design concept, the weaving process up to the finished product.

Designer Fabrics has always been and remains committed to environmentally sustainable manufacturing and takes a pro-active approach to continually reducing our environmental impact by reducing waste, energy consumption and effluent discharge.

We manufacture all our fabrics via reputable textile mills in Australia that we have ensured are active and committed members to the "Green House Challenge", working closely with local government to fulfill the terms of the Cooperation Trade Waste agreement. Together we play an active part in the "phos-watch" programme, aimed at containing the volume of phosphates discharged into waterways.

We use "sublistatic printing", a method that is water free, involves no chemical processing and produces no pollutants. Designer Fabrics has incorporated antimicrobial finish into our upholstery fabric "Centurion ®" which is a safe and responsible choice for the environment.

Our fabrics are always been produced using inherently fire retardant yarns, free from heavy metals and do not need any further chemical treatment to achieve fire retardant properties.

All of our fabrics have low emissions and fumes which are recyclable and environmentally friendly.

All packaging materials, cardboard cores and transfer papers used in our manufacturing processes are environment friendly. Cores are re-used repeatedly and all other paper products are recycled.

From design and development, through to manufacturing we take great pride in our commitment and our ongoing achievements in reducing our impact on the environment. Environmental responsibility is an integral part of our operations and we specifically undertake to:

  • Conduct operations in compliance with relevant local environment legislation, regulation and licences.
  • Prevent pollution and aim for continual improvement of environmental performance.
  • Embrace the principles of product stewardship through design, reuse and recycling.
  • Reduce waste production in line with world standards and practices.
  • Reduce energy consumption and waste production per unit of production where economically viable.
  • Regularly set and review environmental and energy objectives and targets.
  • Communicate openly and constructively with our staff and mills.
  • Reduce or eliminate our greenhouse gas emissions where viable.
  • Raise awareness of initiatives in re-using, recycling and disposing of waste in an environmentally safe manner.